Monday, August 17, 2009

News in 5 and Major Santiago Update!

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Laura received an email from Juana and in it she informed us of Santiago's test results after 6 months of chemotherapy of his Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Juana told Laura that the results showed that the cancer cells are no longer in his spleen and that they have been greatly reduced in his chest and neck.

The Medina's are encouraged that the treatment appears to be effective so far, but Santiago will still need another 6 months (one week in the hospital, one week home) of treatment.

Please continue to pray for the Medina's and for Santiago.

Please Pray for:

1. Strength of Santiago's body (he is very weak and has trouble walking, etc.)
2. Physical and spiritual strength for Alfredo and Juana.
3. Alfredo as he continues to progress towards turning over ministry and tries to meet all of the other demands on him (constant battles w/the insurance company, etc.)
4. Alfredo and Juana's monthly support. Alfredo is a bit discouraged that he has not been able, due to time constraints, to really go after the contacts he has in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Peru and other countries.

Pray that God would provide for their financial needs so they can join us and the Boyds in January in planting churches on the coast of Colombia.

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Jonathan said...

Hey Scott and Laura,

Thanks for your update. I'm praying for you and trust that you'll see God do some amazing things in the next few months